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    Hi, I'm Kate!

    I’ve always enjoyed creating things, but when we moved from a modern featureless house 5 years ago, I spent 18 months designing and transforming our new house into something that reflects us as a family by crafting, painting and building most of the furniture and decor ourselves - with the ever guiding hand of my solution filled Dad.

    So many friends and guests commented on how the house made them feel and were asking me where I’d bought this or that that we’d actually made, that It sparked an idea within me. I was encouraged to share more of the ideas at first but then the thought of something I’ve created now adorning someone’s wall or used to bring colour and fun to an event really pleases me . 

    So BrambleSky was started from my spare room, with planks of wood, a paint brush and a very wobbly hand. I think there was a degree of Wine involved at first too....

    Our house is called The Brambles. Sky is (S)carlett , (K)ate ( that’s me ) and (Y)asmin -  the three women in this family (my poor husband Nev has his hands full but is my biggest fan - I’m guessing whilst I’m at work there’s a degree of silence he appreciates) . 

    The word Sky was also important to me as when we moved it was from fairly standard suburbia into the heart of the countryside surrounded by fields, water, livestock .....and not much else ....I became acutely aware of just how much sky we had to look at and how free it made me feel from the shackles of normal working life . My husband Nev and I take our morning brews and try and watch the sun rise together as much as possible - the promise of a new dawn a new start always charges me up for the day ahead . 

    I’m also a massive supporter of other talented working ladies and mums (and maybe the odd bloke thrown in) as I believe it’s what we ‘do’ that matters not where we ‘sit’. So my website is so much more than about me, hopefully it’s about creating an overall look to your big day, event or home and helpful information and those all-important 'go to' suppliers.

    I have an eclectic mix of styles and many of the suppliers I've worked with are on my recommended supplier who will only be too happy to create something unique for you.....  I'm always only an email away and happy to chat...... x

    Meet my Dad, Ian

    They don’t make them like my dad anymore……

    My dad Ian is the backbone to everything I do. I come up with some crazy ideas sometimes and he manages to bring those concepts to life, having always been in the design and interior industry. He originally used to convert barns in the 1980’s and then spent 20 years in Spain as an interior designer for hotel chains, finally settling back in the UK five years ago.

    His home is in the village of Tissington which is in the heart of the Derbyshire Dales and my Dad spends his time (when not creating things for me) making lifesize sculptures, bespoke reclaimed or Oak furniture and pottery… He exhibits at the Melbourne Show every September and participates in the Tissington Well dressing throughout the spring and summer – you can even find a stall of trinkets to buy outside his house – with an honesty box! He can turn his hand to most skills but many of my clients love the branded guest boards he burns with a homemade branding iron and enjoy watching the numerous video’s we share of DIY tips for making your own Wedding ideas. BrambleSky is very much a partnership between us and I’m thrilled to get to spend such quality time with my dad….   

    As Featured In...

    We are really proud that some of our work has been featured in prestigious publications here in the UK. 

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